Check out our Peddinghaus PCD-1100C Drill Line and Hoizontal Saw.  With this machine we are able to process beams, tubes, channel, and more in less than half the time it normally would take.  It allows us to drill, tap, mill and countersink holes. It also allows scribes piece marks and layout marks.  It then cuts the part to the exact length and sends it down the line.


Every thing from structural fabrication to steel processing, we have you covered!

We prime all steel in house once it has been checked and approved to be sent out and ready to ship.  With our paint booth we are able to quickly and efficiently prime all of our products to prevent any weathering to the product as its being delivered to the job site.



We have now added a new set of Standard Industrial machines to our line up of CNC 

processing.  With our new shear we are able to process up to 10 foot, 3/8 '' sheets. Following that, our 12 foot, 250 ton press is able to knock out almost any order we throw at it.  Having these machines have allowed us to widen our services to our current clients.  Give us a call if you would like to look into becoming one of those clients.

Newly added to our line-up in processing is our EMI Tube and Miscellaneous Shape Processor.  This new machine allows us to process tube, pipe and other various shapes.  By using this machine, we are able to cope, miter and burn holes into various steel shapes all in one shot.  This makes handrails and smaller intricate parts a breeze by reducing the labor you would put into them manually creating them.

***Commercial Industrial***
Ours services include but are not limited to, structural and misc. steel, stairs, and railings, to industrial fixtures.

Our Angle Line allows us to process all your angle iron needs.  With this machine we are able to process parts in the fraction of the time it would take to do them by hand using a iron worker.  It allows us to punch/drill holes and slots simultaneously, then shear the part off at the exact length needed. 


With our team of highly skilled Fabricators, we are able to complete many different size jobs.

Our team has access to some of the best resources available to ensure top quality work.  

With all of the years our leadership team has, you can rest assure that whatever project you entrust us with 

will be completed in the best way possible.  Our primary focus is in structural steel fabrication and steel 

processing but can occasionally take on miscellaneous projects.  



     With our 10' x 22'  Hypertherm 400XD Plasma Table we         can handle almost all your plate processing needs.  We        are able to process plate as thin 16 gauge all the way up 

     2in. thick plate.  Your company in need of plate for your       next structural project? Have a look at the pictures

     below and let us know if we can process a job for you.