Steel Fabrication and Processing is what we do and we make it a point to be the very best at it.


Our goal is to provide you with the utmost professional and top-grade quality steel fabrication and processing possible.​


Our years of experience doesn't just start here at Cherokee Steel.  We have been fabricating long before its time and have built up the skill and knowledge to complete almost any structural fabrication project that you need.

leading the way in all your structural fabrication needs in the middle tennessee region

​With almost 90 years of combined experience between our leadership team, we are certain we can obtain any need in your structural as well as misc. steel fabrication needs.  However our expertise does not just stop there! We have the capability of catering to your needs in steel processing with our CNC machine line up!



In the need of Plate, Angle Iron or any other steel types Processed? Let us take care of that for you with our Hypertherm 400 XD Plasma Table, our Ocean Clipper Angle Line, or our brand new Peddinghaus PCD-1100C Drill Line!