Shop Foreman

Where it all began and where we are going.


  In the early months of 2010 our three owners came together at a small shop in Lebanon TN with a vision to start a company that would grow to be one of the leading fabrication companies in the state.  Over eight years later the company has quadrupled in size!  

  It didn't take long to start building the team we have now. With the vision that was set in place, we gathered a team of highly skilled fabricators and CNC operators to begin setting the events in motion of becoming one of the most reputable shops in the state.  Everyone had the common goal that set the bar high and pushed each other to achieve more and more each and everyday. 

  The company started with a simple process of fabrication and erecting.  Since then, the company has achieved even more than just that.  Along with our fabrication and erecting we now offer a wide variety of steel processing.  With our line of CNC machines we can now process plate, angle, and almost any other structural steel shapes.

  Each day we are faced with a new task and as a solid team, we always find a way to over come those task and become greater than the day before.

Cliff Sutton

Human Resources and Office Manager

​Cliff oversees Employee and Customer relations.

Brandon monitors our shop production and safety of our employees.

Keith Bain

(Retired) Co-Founder Keith was in the industry for over 50 years and knows the ins and outs of everything there is to do with structural fabrication and erecting.


Roger Sensing

President and Owner. 

Roger handles estimation, job bidding and client relations.  He always strives to make the best offer to save you time and money.

Rick Weatherby

Vice President and Owner. 

With over 20 years of experience in detail drawing and 40 years in the industry, Rick details and oversees total shop production.

Brandon Haven

think the structural steel we fabricate is strong? check out our team we built!

Mason Weatherby

Head of Operations. 

Oversees day to day operations within the company as well as Programming for our CNC department.



Scott Blitch

Estimating and Project Manager. 

Scott oversees company projects and handles our steel estimations.