Capable of processing almost every size beam possible.  The PCD-1100C allows us to drill, layout, and cut just about any kind of beam you need.  Taking the DSTV files given, we can create programs to process all the structure for your next job.  Have every hole already drilled and perfectly placed where you need.  Having a scribe showing where your detail needs to be welded on and what part needs to go there makes looking back and forth at the print during fabrication almost none existent.  Finally, whether its a straight cut or a miter, you can rest assure its at the perfect length.  All these things are now possible in a fraction of the time that it use to take.




Columns, vertical braces, frames, whatever you need it for, we can make it happen.  Just like beams we can drill holes and scribe layout marks for welds and copes.  Need the end mitered?  We can make it happen at the perfect degree.  No matter how short or how long the tube may be, we can process it for you.  


Getting ready to build a set of stairs?  This is going to make things a lot easier when laying it all out.  With the ability to scribe perfect lines where you need your parts welded on and lined up, building stairs has never been more efficient.  Needing channel for something else?  Just like beams and tubes, holes and scribes can be placed just about anywhere you need them.  Let us make your next project a lot easier by processing all the steel you need.